Which devices shall I take?

Travelling for close to 2 months will mean that at times I want to be able to stay in contact with the rest of the world. This needs to be balanced with weight and how much I want to lug around. So, this post will address the pros and cons of each device. I’m still deciding whether it is the iPad or laptop or both that will make the cut. I’m still exploring options…. The smartphone and iPod will definitely be going.

Which devices shall I take
The laptop, iPad, smartphone and iPod


Yes, I’m super old school and still have an iPod. I love that I can carry my entire music collection around on a super thin, light weight device. I could, like everyone tells me, put it on my smartphone but the battery life of my phone is passable at best. The iPod will tick on for days without a recharge and will definitely last a flight across the Pacific Ocean. I have an iPod touch and had one before smartphones were popular. This meant when I travelled in the past I had a device with wifi, which was awesome so that I didn’t have to wait for the computer to be free in the hotel lobby.


I usually toss my phone in without much thought, much like the iPod. It light and fits in my bag. Good when I’m stuck on a train needing a distraction. Google maps will still work without data when travelling, which is awesome when you get a little geographically challenged. It also makes staying in touch easier or if you want a quick photo. The downside, like most phones, is the battery life. I’ve got a phone where I can change battery to improve the situation. I figure I’m trying to see the world, I should look up and smell the roses. I don’t usually make calls as I can do Skype or similar on free wifi. Having it is great for emergencies. Just make sure you’ve turned off mobile data, or the bill will be the biggest cost of your trip when you get home.


I’ve taken this away before and it’s amazing. Can surf the web, watch movies, play games to pass the many hours travelling. I also like that I’m now able to download guide books to it and can leave the heavy books at home. I’ve also got a camera adapter for it which allows me to backup photos onto it. The major downside is the storage space. I’m always running out. I’ve been travelling where I have to delete TV episodes once I’ve watched them to keep backing up photos. That said I still live travelling with it.


Any functionality that the iPad lacks the laptop has, but the weight is a killer. I have a newer and therefore nicer computer (my iPad has seen better days) and I don’t want it to be stolen, broken or wrecked in anyway. Have I mentioned its heavy? When I travelled for work and needed to give presentations I’ve usually began to curse the thing at some point in transit. As well as my back not thanking me. I have an ultra book now which helps, but last time I travelled for work my carry on bag was over weight when it was weighed at check in. So this is a case of functionality verses weight. Time for some more contemplation of this!


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