Shampoo + Travel = Mess

One of the things that is annoying when travelling is the explosion of shampoo (or any other creamy, thick cosmetic) in your bag. It gets everywhere and no matter how hard to try you can’t get it off everything. You wipe and wash everything to discover the mess in the bottom of your bag. You also find the next time your bag gets squashed or you get on a plane it happens again. Repeat and rinse!

A new cosmetics store called Lush has opened in my area. They have an amazing window display and the shop smells gorgeous. They are right near the entrance to the car park, so I usually can’t help myself but walk in. I noticed that they have a solid shampoo bar. They have lots of them with different smells and different hair types. My first thought was how great it would be not to risk exploding shampoo. It’s also super light and means more buying of souvenirs.

2016-04-25 12.32.09
Shampoo bar and tin. No mess!

I got the Jumping Juniper one. It was recommended by the shop assistant for oily hair. I found the staff member quite helpful with the selection process. It was a bit expensive at $14.95 plus $5.00 for a tin to carry it in, but no exploding shampoo! They also have a solid conditioner that I got as well. I haven’t given it a go, I’m risking it for when I’m away. I figure worse comes to worse I can use the hotel shampoo or buy a bottle on the go.

Solid conditioner
Shampoo bar and tin. No mess!

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