Making of the Travel Journal

In the past I’ve had a travel journal to keep track of my trip. I purchased one in the airport once that had little plastic pockets in the back to collect all the tickets along the way. It was great to keep these small souvenirs. I was on Pinterest and fell in love with the SMASH book idea. I found them on Amazon, started a shopping list and that was crazy expensive with the shipping to Australia. Eeeek! So, I was back at the drawing board.

2016-03-20 20.01.52
The journal with the super cute material

In the past I’ve been a keen scrapbooker and had a huge amount of of papers, stickers and cute things. I thought that I could make my own, so that is what I did!I used the papers that I cut down to size. There was no theme to the colours I selected, the more random the better. The cover was two pieces of mdf board that I drilled 4 holes in each. I found some super cute material that was suitable travelled themed. The material was stretched over the board and held in place with staples. I have a heavy duty stapler that I used, but you could always try double sided tape, glue or similar. With a knitting needle I just pushed through the material where the holes were. The whole thing iss held together with large card rings that I just picked up in Daiso. The end result is the journal.

2016-03-20 20.02.53
The detail on the front page. 2016 is the year!
2016-03-20 20.06.26
You can make as many or as little pages as you like

The idea is that I’ll keep tickets, maps and receipts along the way to stick in. I’ve got a pack set-up with stickers, washi tape, glue I can also add writing and such to keep the memories for many years. I’ve made up a bag of these things to take with me to do this while I’m sitting on a bus, train, plane or just have a few moments.

Travel journal packed
Packed up and ready to go
Stickers and things
The stickers, papers, pins, glue and pens

I have had a ball finding lots of cute travel stickers in the shops. I can always collect a few more on my travels. I kept the off cuts of the paper and will take them with me to add my thoughts. I will add some scissors to the pack (but noy in my carry-on). I’ll see how I go with keeping this up as I travel round the world.


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