A new suitcase

My goal is always to try and pack light and I find that having a suitably sized suitcase helps with that. My current case had a mishap the last time I used it and has a crack round the wheel. It might survive the upcoming trip but I’d rather not risk it. I have had many different types of cases. From extra large, to small, to hard and soft sided. The choices are endless. I think the size and type of luggage has to work for you. In the end you need to choose a case or pack that suits you and your needs, but these are some of the things that I really like about my new case.

I personally like a medium sized case and it must have 4 wheels. If you have never had a case with 4 wheels, you must get one. They are so much easier to move around, you can navigate the crowds at the airport with ease and moved into all kinds of spots on public transport. I find a case that is too big means extra weight. Having a case that is too small just results in stretched zips that will burst in transit. It can be a fine line.

In the end I got the American Tourister Applite 2.0 medium sized case. It is maybe a bit bigger then I would like, but I think it’ll work.I do love the colour. It’s not as bright as my last case (that would be really hard!) but should be easy enough to spot coming off the belt. This case is approximately 2.9 kgs and the old one is 3.8 kgs. So this is nearly 1 kg more shopping I can get while I’m away. Yippee!

The opening of the cases is slightly differently. The old, rainbow case is a calm shell design. This means that your stuff goes in two halves and you lift one half across to zip it closed. It can get heavy to get the side across. The new one has a lid and everything sits in the same section of the case. Things might be harder to get at the bottom, but we’ll see how we go. I also love that the new case has loops to lock all the zips on the case. I always get nervous when you send off the case with things in compartments not locked up. I’m pretty happy with my purchase and I know that I won’t lose a wheel while I’m away.

The new and the old

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